Andrew Bogulski- Owner


I have been bow hunting for over 40 years, and my dad first started bottling deer scents in the 1950's. I have spent year profecting my  scents and lures. My Pro Staff and I spend hundreds of days a year testing all our product in real life hunting situations.  My goal is to provide fellow hunters with the highest quality scents to maximize the results of their hunt. Black Widow Deer Scents and Lures will help you blend in, and allows you to get closer to your prey then ever before.  Black Widow Lures was the first company to start marketing fresh hunting attractants on a national level. We offer no gimmicks or outrageous claims. Just 100% fresh whitetail deer urines, elk , hog , moose , mule deer  and blacktail deer lures.  All our urines are collected and bottled within 24 hours of collection to guarantee freshness. So whether it's early in the hunting season or in the middle of the rut Black Widow Deer Scents and  Lures has a product to help maximize your hunt.

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Black Widow is the only scent manufacturer that collects, and offers it's Whitetail deer scents and lures for hunting Whitetail deer in the Northern regions, and the Southern regions of the United states.  Why?   Because there is a difference! There is a difference in the subspecies resulting in slightly different composition of their urine and glandular secretions. Not to mention the old saying " you are what you eat".  Southern deer eat different vegetation then their Northern cousins, causing the urines and secretions to have a different smell.                                  

       100% PURE - Absolutely no preservatives.